Another View, Mine: September 2017

John Nieman

And so the regular season of NASCAR Monster Cup is over.

Years ago, I wrote in this space I believed that Jamie McMurray lacked a winner’s attitude because of his reaction after missing the Chase. He focused his post-Richmond-race interviews on sending thoughts and prayers to the victims of Katrina. I opined that a true racer would be focused on the fact that he had just missed the postseason and that he should save his thoughts and prayers and just send some money.

On the flip side, Martin Truex Jr., this year’s regular season champ, is a fierce competitor. When asked last week if he should have let his teammate win a race he was leading, his response was incredulity and completely dismissive. It was beyond his thinking that he would not always be trying to win. Last weekend at Richmond, even though he had just finished the regular season as champion, he was visibly and audibly angry that he had not won the race, due to a late caution caused by a car several laps down.

He is a racer and my favorite to take the Cup this season.

By the way, on that McMurray piece referenced above, I got some mixed reaction. Several readers commented and wrote that I was spot on with the opinion. However one reader thought I should have my head bashed in with a baseball bat for being insensitive to hurricane victims. I felt very safe since I was sure that she would have missed me by at least the same distance that she missed my point.

I would note that Mr. McMurray made the Chase this season as the last driver to qualify. I would further note that in none of his post-Richmond-race interviews that I saw did he mention the victims and potential victims of the catastrophic storms that we are now witnessing. I figure he either came around to my way of thinking, or that sending thoughts and prayers is a loser’s tactic.

And just to head off any threats, I’ve already sent my donations to both Harvey and Irma relief, so keep your bats to yourselves.

Staying in NASCAR, the people who brought us Jared the child molester have come up with another stunning public relations mess. Subway has been the sponsor of the number 19 car formerly driven by Carl Edwards and now driven by Daniel Suarez. It was a long-standing relationship.

Carl Edwards, a tall (by stock car driver standards), handsome, white Midwesterner was prominently featured in Subway commercials. When he retired, the seat was taken over by Suar­ez, an extremely talented Mexican-American. He is bright, engaging, and a wonderful spokesman. So much so that NBC featured him in a pre-race segment wherein he went around and handed out doughnuts to fans on raceday morning. This was several weeks ago.

Well, last week Subway decided to cancel the sponsorship immediately because handing out doughnuts was promoting a competitor. It took the braintrust at Subway weeks to determine that this was an unacceptable action by Suarez.

Now either Subway didn’t have the funds to continue the sponsorship or they didn’t like having an up-and-coming Mex­ican-American replacing a solid Midwesterner, but they certainly didn’t have to blame the young driver for their decision to leave.

No more Subways for me. (I’m sure that their doughnuts really suck!)

For those of you who wonder how the European soccer clubs can pay these incredible transfer fees to obtain players, and further why in the world do they think a player is worth that kind of money, just look down the road to Hillsborough, North Carolina, the home of Eurosport/ for at least part of the reason.

Jerseys for new stars go for around a hundred bucks apiece. And all of the clubs have at least 3, and more like 5 or 6 different jerseys. So when Neymar switches teams, his fans have to supplement their Brazil and Barcelona jerseys with PSG strip. There are millions of fans around the world who, like me, feature these jerseys as their entire casual wardrobe. I’m sitting here now writing this piece clad in my Watford home jersey.

So go online and support your local businesses. (I have not been compensated for this advice. If I hear from the guys in Hillsborough, I’ll let you know.)

I’ve been informed that there is some question as to why I have not discussed Major League Baseball very much this season. The Tigers are 25 games out of first in the Central and traded Verlander.

Any more questions?

The Red Wings have begun play. Hope is eternal.

They now make Twinkie Ice Cream treats. Life is a constant test. Fat Boy Index: 281.