Connecticut Considers No Funds For TC Fields

Conn. State Rep. James Albis (D-East Hav­en) introduced  legislation (HB 5800) that would prohibit the State Bond Commission from allocating bond funds for the installation of athletic fields or playgrounds constructed with tire crumb (TC). General obligation bond funds could not be used for TC on any school grounds, municipal park or state owned property under the bill that was referred to the Joint Committee on Finance, Revenue and Bonding.

In a CSN interview Albis said that during his time as Environment Committee Chair he heard from many citizens concerned about possible “tire crumb fields danger to children.” He feels “a cautionary approach makes complete sense to prevent funding of TC facilities at the state level.” He noted that so far there is not enough scientific evidence for direct TC/cancer causation but “it’s hard to ignore the anecdotal evidence of all those goalies getting sick out of proportion to the general population.”

Responses to the bill have been positive but “industry has been silent” to date, Albis said. “Their strategy is usually to wait to the last minute in cases like this.”

HB 5800 and other state/local curbs on TC fields are now more important than ever due to Trump Administration gag orders halting release of scientific research reports. Albis has “little hope” the joint EPA, CDC, CPSC TC study (CSN Jan 2017) “will ever see the light of day.”  Bob Conroy