Cork Called Safer Alternative

Cork organic infill appears to be a safer alternative than tire crumb. The first organic infill artificial turf field in the Carolinas is “The Reservation,” Gaffney High School’s stadium, in South Carolina.

Due to concerns about possible health dangers posed by a tire crumb field the Cherokee County School Board approved the most ex­pensive of three field renovation proposals in April, according to Scott Powell, Gaffney Ledger staff writer.

School trustees Billy Blackwell, Ron Gar­­ner and Elaine Fowler said they had no interest in installing any type of turf field which could pose a risk of cancer to students. “I would never vote to put any product manufactured from carcinogenic materials at our schools,” Garner said.

The Reservation, which opened in early fall and cost $910,000, serves one of the largest 5A South Carolina high schools and is heavily used. A total of 120 events are held there annually, including 60 football games, 40 soccer matches, graduation, marching band competition and special events. Limestone Col­lege plays home football games at Gaffney HS.

The turf product is Revolution 360 by FieldTurf, headquartered in Calhoun, GA. The Gaffney field uses the same materials as CenturyLink Field, home to the Seattle‎ Sea­hawks of NFL and Seattle Sounders of MLS.

Bob Conroy