Covid-19 Vaccinations

Some 4.4M North Carolinians (42.3 percent) are vaccinated; Orange County 65.27 percent of population fully vaccinated; 67.56 percent vaccinated with at least one dose as of July 9.

Vaccinations are available Mon-Fri 1-7 Southern Human Services Center off Homestead Road, Chapel Hill—Pfizer Mon/Wed/Fri, Moderna Tu & Th and Whitted Center, West Tryon Street, Hillsborough, has both vaccines Mon-Sat 9-5.

Free. No ID or insurance required. Questions? Call 919-913-8088. To schedule an appointment, not required, 877-505-6723.

Covid Update

Orange County has reported 26 covid cases in the last 14 days as of July 8; total cases 8,626, 101 deaths.

UNC Covid Dashboard JUly 8: 2 students, 1 employee, 11 total since June 1.