Cricket Leagues Head For Playoffs

At the end of September there was one round of regular season play remaining in the Triangle Cricket League 2017. Although seeds in the postseason championship tournaments remain to be determined in some cases, all but one of the qualifiers was determined.

In the Premier League (40-over competition), Cheetahs remain undefeated with one match to play, and have locked up top seed. Of the 18 teams, 5 have qualified for postseason play, with three teams on the bubble, de­pending on results in the last round.

In the T20 League (20-over competition), the Spartans and the Lions are battling for first place down to the last weekend, each team with one match to play. Currently the Spar­tans lead with a record of 10-1, while the Lions are one match behind at 9-2. There are 27 teams in the T20 League, and the 16 teams qualifying for the tournament have already been de­termined; again, but not all seeds have been determined.

Play in the postseason tournaments began Oct. 7 and is scheduled to end Nov. 4. Cons­ult the league website, www.trianglecricketleague .org, for the postseason schedule and venues.

Next month’s report will include complete regular-season results. Standings listed elsewhere in this issue.