DMV Adds Voter Options

The State Board of Elections and N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles announced that they now offer online voter registration, helpful in this time of social distancing.

If you are or ever have been a DMV customer with a N.C.. driver’s license or DMV-issued ID, you can check your registration status, register to vote, update your voter registration address, and change party affiliation online at ncdot.govdm.

If you do not have a valid NC Driver’s License or DMV ID card, or you need to make a name change, you can download a voter registration application. Print, fill out, sign and mail the form to your county Board of Elections.

This is a standalone free service that does not require you to complete a DMV transaction (such as license renewal) at the same time.

If you do not receive your voter registration card within two weeks, go online to to see if it was processed.

If you have questions contact elections board at 919-245-2350.