Elk Wins 6BC Mountain Bike

Eli Elk (2:19:32) of Chapel Hill was the overall winner and first juniors 14-18 at Ninth Annual 6BC endurance race in Chapel Hill (48 riders), sponsored by Triangle Off Road Cyclists. He did four laps in the three-hour division.

Division leaders were Adult/Junior, Tonya & Gil, 2:52:54; ExpertM, Mark Rog­erson, 3:11:55; NoviceM, Alex Burton, 2:35:51; OpenM 19-39, Julian Hinkelman, -1 lap; 40-54, David Mills, -1 lap; 55+, Chris Schau­bach, -1 lap; Singlespeed, William Berrocal, -1 lap.

Zev Auchery (6:19:14) was overall winner and first expert men and did 8 laps in six-hour division (20 riders).

Division leaders were Duo Men, Luke and Paul Vrouwenvelder, -1 lap; Duo Women, Team Fannypack, -3 laps; Expert W, Chris Tom­mer­dahl, -2 laps; OpenM 19-39, Carl Tiemann, -2 laps; 40-54, Eric Funk, -3 laps; 55+, Jimmy Herrin, -3 laps.