Eye-Opening E:60 Report On Turf Field Health Risks

First In a Series

A November 2015 ESPN E:60 report by former women’s soccer star Julie Foudy, The Turf War, examined the possible connection between synthetic field turf and cancer. Foudy, with the help of a number of former soccer players, looked into whether the “crumb rubber” pellets, which could expose athletes to carcinogens, are causing medical issues for young athletes.

Here’s more, via AOL.com:

In a preview segment, ESPN spoke to University of Wash­ington soccer coach Amy Griffin, who compiled a list of al­most 200 athletes with cancer, who have played on artificial turf that contains tiny black rubber pellets called “crumb rubber” like those common on Triangle artificial turf fields.

It’s important to note that there is not yet any long-term medical research on the subject.

The 16-minute report is on youtube.com. Search ESPN-E60, The Turf War/Julie Foudy synthetic turf & cancer.