Hunter Safety In Orange County

Orange County Animal Services is preparing for hunting season for deer by promoting awareness of the legal requirements and re­sponsibilities of using dogs and guns to hunt deer.

The season opens Nov 11, and ends Jan. 1. County staff hopes to mitigate health and safety concerns through public outreach.

An Orange County brochure is available that provides general information about using dogs to hunt deer. This is lawful in northern Orange–specifically, the portion north of Inter­state 85. The brochure also describes the pro­cess for reporting concerns or issuing complaints about unlawful hunting practices.

It is important to note that hunters, residents and landowners all have rights and re­sponsibilities. Responsible conduct by all parties can minimize conflict and ensure public health and safety, during the upcoming gun hunting season.

One responsibility is that written permission must be obtained to hunt on someone’s private property. In Orange, written permission is required whether or not private property is posted as “No hunting.” This differs from other counties which require written permission only when hunting on posted property.