Parks & Rec Gets New Assignment

Chapel Hill Parks & Rec has a new assignment: support a broader vision of community wellbeing and connectivity, Town Manager Roger Stancil announced.
To strengthen the Town’s focus on these issues, Parks and Recreation Director Jim Orr will expand his leadership of the department as the acknowledged champions and stewards of open space.

“We are excited to have an opportunity to look at open space in a new way that will en­gage the entire community and many town de­­partments,” Orr said. “We will work toward a shared vision of designing and implementing new places even as we continue to develop and maintain our parks, greenways, cemeteries and urban spaces.”

This includes place making strategies, sus­tainability principles, and connectivity—including bicycle and pedestrian connections. Because beauty and function are integral parts of a well-built urban environment, Orr will bring together teams to identify opportunities to incorporate both in the landscape.

Orr will work with other department heads to support the broad vision of community well-being and connectivity, focusing on:

Caring for parks and green spaces
Supporting community-wellness
Providing inviting spaces
Developing connections with natural resources
Enhancing connectivity to neighborhoods and other destinations