Paulson Wins First LRTR HM

Luke Paulson (1:25:02) of Carrboro was the men’s winner at the First Little River Trail Run Half Marathon in Rouge­mont (156 finishers). Trailheads added a HM to mark their 13th LRTR. Durham runners Max Tiemann (1:29:11) and Matthew Hirschey (1:31:52) were second and third.

Christina Morris (1:41:24) of Durham was the women’s winner, with Nora Ayers (1:52:00) of Durham second and Lisa Hecker (1:52:15) of Mebane third.

Some 528 runners completed three trail races, up from 396 for two races in 2017.

Chapel Hill award winners based on preliminary results included:
Masters, Robin Richardson, 1:56:47.
19&U, Brian Richardson, first, 1:42:23; Isabelle Fox, Hills­borough, first, 2:46:40.
20-29, Sara Crippen, first, 1:52:32.
30-39, Erin Jobe, Pittsboro, first, 1:54:01.
40-49, Art Prejs, Carrboro, third, 1:45:08;  Ilona Jaspers, Carr­boro, first, 2:05:40, Katherine Baer, Carrborom second, 2:10:14.
50-59, Mike Kelley, second, 1:44:30, Miles Pfeiffer, Hills­borough, third, 1:49:54; Anne Mandeville-Long, first, 2:34:47, Donna Parker, second, 2:30:09, Catherine Singley, third, 2:56:08
60-69, Douglas Kopec, Carrboro, second, 2:28:34, Robert Long, third, 2:33:40.


Crystian Kumnick (1:17:10) of Carrboro was first at the 13th LRTR 10 Miler. Michael Spencer (1:21:47) of Cary was second and Justin Sitlinger (1:25:03) of Durham third. Diana Spencer (1:21:47) of Cary was first woman, Kaley Credle (1:27:21) of Chapel Hill second and Jordan Lee (1:27L25) of Hillsborough third. There were 138 finishers, compared to 211 last year.

Award winners from Chapel Hill were:
Masters, Allison McNamara, 1:29:58.
19&U, Tate Myers, second, 1:33:21.
20-29, Phil Puddels, first, 1:34:33; Katy McNamara, first, 1:31:43, Allie Parker, third, 1:35:43.
30-39, Kyle Woodward, first, 1:33:33, Theo Ingram, Carr­boro, third, 1:35:08; Kym Hunter, first, 1:29:45, Joanna Tal­lon, third, 1:41:43.
40-49, Brad Hecker, Mebane, first, 1:25:24, Don Hegland, third, 1:26:56; Amy Singer, Hillsborough, first, 1:32:33.
50-59, Warren Gill, first, 1:27:28; Laura Heyneman, second, 1:39:34.
60-69, Owen Astrachan, first, 1:34:42, Roger Mitchell, Carr­boro, second, 1:49:27.


Costen Irons (24:30) and Elise Matera (31:10), both of Chapel Hill, were the leaders at the LRTR 7K (234 finishers, up from 185 last year). Irons was a repeat winner. Neil Mosca (25:39) of Durham was second male and Ethan Goldman (27:05) of Chapel Hill third. Sara Oren (32:11), age 13, of Chapel Hill was second female and Kristen Aquillo (33:14) of Mebane third.

Chapel Hill award winners:
Masters, Kathy Matera, 35:54.
15-19, Cami Simpson, first, 36:58, Elizabeth Farmer, second, 42:18, Regan Fernandez, Hillsborough, third, 44:19.
20-29, Pedro Milland, first, 27:06.
30-39, Eric Prenshaw, Hillsborough, first, 28:49, Lucas Lyons, Carrboro, second, 29:34, Lee Langer, third, 31:22; El Cerwin, first, 36:53, Alisha Schlitz, Hillsborough, third, 38:05.
40-49, Tim Atkins, second, 33:11, Kevin Clark, third, 33:53; Tina Clossick, second, 37:26, Michelle Gay, third, 37:49.
50-59, Dan Thornton, Carrboro, first, 32:54, Glenn Gay, second, 33:44, Brunson Hoole, third, 33:46; JoAnna Younts, first, 36:20, Isabel Lea, Hillsborough, third, 42:43.
60-69, David Montefiori, Hillsborough, second, 37:07; Kelly Clark, first, 52:06, Karen Frank, second, 52:07.