Projects Proposed For Park Bonds

Chapel Hill plans to sell $1,000,000 in parks bonds for capital level maintenance purposes.  Bonds were approved earlier by voters.

They currently are considering funding bond projects in the following priority order:

Homestead Park Soccer Fields Conver­sion to Synthetic Turf (cork fields, CSN, Dec­em­ber 2016). Funds, roughly about $200,000, would pay for the Town’s portion of the project. Council approved expenditure last June.

Design for Umstead Park. They have a contract underway for design of new basketball court, new water fountain, walkways con­necting to Bolin Creek Greenway and restroom renovation. The small amount of funds needed would allow them to pay for surveying and preparation of bid documents.

Cedar Falls Tennis Courts. Funds would pay for the total replacement of the 6 courts and lights at Cedar Falls Park. They are considering the possibility of adding this project to a Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Grant application.

Southern Community Park Playground. Funds would be used to supplement regular CIP funds to address serious drainage issues plus installing a poured-in-place surface.

Inclusive Playground at Cedar Falls Park. This would cover addressing accessibility issues at the existing playground, plus paving portions of the parking lot to address current ADA issues. This would also allow for matching funds for a Parks and Recre­ation Trust Fund Grant application and matching funds for a Connect North Carolina Bond grant.

The rec bond project list was on agenda for Parks, Greenways and Recreation Com­mis­sion for Jan. 18 meeting.