Ring Of Fire Third At Club Nationals

Raleigh-based Ring of Fire finished third at USA Ultimate Club Championships in Lake­wood Ranch, FL. They were the SE’s top entry and third seed, went 5-2, finishing in the same spot as last year. There were 16 teams in the men’s division.

ROF, which fell to Revolver of San Fran­cisco, the eventual champion, 13-10 in semis, defeated Truck Stop of Washington, DC, 14-11 the next day for third place.

Henry Fisher led the team in scoring at na­tionals with 12 goals, while Jonathan Nether­cutt (18) and Jack Williams (12) led in assists.
Here’s a recap: ROF defeated GOAT 15-12, Patrol 14-7 and lost to Ironside 13-11 in pool play; defeated Chicago Machine 15-7 (pre-quar­ters) and Dig 11-9 (quarters) before facing Revolver.


Toro of Durham didn’t fare as well in mixed (co-rec) division where they were the Southeast entry, #11 seed, went 2-5 and finished 12th. They beat Metro North of Mianus, Conn, 12-11 and Noise of Madison 13-10. Christine Brookhout scored 12 goals. Paul Weeks had 16 assists, Tristan Green 11.