Take Down Bird Feeders To Stop Disease Spread, New Hope Audubon Urges

Based on conversations with CLAWS, New Hope Audubon Society is recommending birders take down their bird feeders and baths, according to a July 6 Facebook post on Jordan Lake Wildlife Cam. There is an un­known bird disease spreading in our area, in particular where birds congregate.

While the disease has not been identified, it was reported in the Triangle. The birds most commonly affected seem to be Grackles and Blue Jays. Symptoms also were observed in other species, such as Starlings, Robins, Mock­ingbirds and Wrens. CLAWS has been seeing more birds with “infected” eyes and neurological symptoms as reported in other states.

NHAS asks birders “to please take down your feeders for several weeks and also your baths. Clean all of your feeders and baths be­fore you put them back up again. Clean feeders monthly using one part bleach to nine parts warm water. Soak the feeder in the solution for a few minutes, rinse, and air dry. Stopping the spread of this disease is more critical than feeding birds at this time.”

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is aware of the problem and “looking into it.”

CLAWS, a Chapel Hill-based non-profit, “rehabilitates wildlife, rescues exotic pets, and educates humans.”