UNC Dominates Duke 15-6 In Spring Sports

North Carolina dominated Duke 15-6 in head-to-head matchups in winter/spring varsity sports. Last year the advantage was 11-6. Only regular season matchups were counted.

UNC swept three games in baseball, two of three in softball, two in men’s tennis, wom­en’s tennis, men’s basketball and two in lacrosse. Duke took both games in women’s basketball, won both men’s and women’s swim­ming, wom­en’s fencing and once in softball. Schools did not go head-to-head in golf, track & field, rowing.

Here’s a summary by sport with scores:

Baseball, UNC beat Duke 1-0, 8-7, 11-6 in Chapel Hill; Men Basketball, UNC won 88-72 at Duke, 79-70 in Chapel Hill; Women Bas­ketball, Duke won 85-69 in Chapel Hill, 62-44 in Durham; M Tennis, UNC won 4-1 in Dur­ham, 4-1 in Chapel Hill; W Tennis, UNC won 4-0 in Seattle, 4-2 in Cary; Wrestling, UNC won 23-16 at Duke; Fencing, UNC men won 3-2, Duke women won 3-2; Soft­ball, UNC beat Duke, 4-2, 8-1, lost 2-1 in Dur­ham; M Lacrosse, UNC won 10-8 in Chapel Hill; W Lacrosse, UNC won 19-5 in Durham; Swimming, Duke men won 155-145 and Duke women won 165.50-134.50 in Chapel Hill.