Unverified The Film

“Unverified the untold story behind the UNC scandal” pre­miered in Chapel Hill in January.

Writer/director Bradley Bethel, a former learning specialist at UNC, made the crowd-funded documentary to support two colleagues, Beth Bridger and Jaimie Lee, who were un­fairly scapegoated and fired by the university after the Wain­stein Report was released.

The film barely mentions usual athletic critics—Mary Wil­lingham, Jay Smith of UNC, Dan Kane of N&O)—and instead explains how academic support works for student athletes. It was low-key and informative, not confrontational, and offered a different perspective from that provided by area media.

Most interesting interviews are ESPN’s Jay Bilas (who says the issues are academic in nature), John Blanchard, former head of academic support for athletes, (who says the Wainstein Report intentionally misdirected criticism to athletics instead of UNC academic leaders), and former Chancellor James Moeser (who concedes the university may have gone astray).  J.B.