Urban Archery Continues In Chapel Hill

Landowners in Chapel Hill can continue to hunt with bow and arrow on their own property this fall with a N.C. hunting license despite local efforts to ban urban archery.

A Chapel Hill resident proposed banning deer hunting by archery on private property in the city until the town’s deer management plan is revised. The request was made in a January petition to the town council by Beth Waldron of Parkside neighborhood. The petition was referred to the town manager who directed it to Parks and Rec Dept.

Rec Director Phillips Flesichmann said, “We have been in communication with Ms. Waldron and have discussed her concerns. We continue to have conversations with other agency partners, such as Orange County and the State Wildlife Resources Officers, regarding urban archery, hunting, etc.

“We are currently exploring ways to provide residents with more clear information on how to report hunting violations and safety concerns and also to better promote that hunting is not allowed on Town open space.

“We are planning to update the website with the current season’s dates. I don’t anticipate there will be more information before the next urban archery season begins.”

Purpose of the deer management program is to reduce the number of deer. Urban arch­ery resulted in the taking of 163 deer state­wide last year including 7 in Chapel Hill (1 ant­lered bucks, 1 button buck, 4 does), the highest number in several years.

2020 Central N.C. Deer Season: archery Sep. 12–Oct. 30; blackpowder Oct. 31–Nov. 13; gun Nov. 14–Jan. 1.

Urban Archery Season: Jan. 9–Feb. 14, 2021. Seasons are managed by N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.

Safety reminders: Hunters can not use fire­arms within city limits. Hunters can not track wounded deer onto adjacent property without permission of the landowner. Hunters can not hunt on town-owned property or parkland, or any publicly owned or UNC-owned land.

Phone numbers: Chapel Hill Parks & Rec 919-968-2784; N.C. Wildlife Violations Re­port­ing 800-662-7137 or 919-707-0040.  J.B.