Waterfowl Hunting Rules Adopted

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission set season dates, bag limits and applicable regulations for the 2020-21 waterfowl, webless migratory game bird (including doves), and extended falconry seasons.

Selected seasons also will be published in the 2020-21 Inland Fishing, Hunting and Trap­ping Regulations Digest.

While many seasons remain unchanged, some notable changes are:

• In response to a decrease in the estimated number of Eastern Population Tundra Swans, the number of available swan hunting permits allocated to North Carolina will be reduced from 6,115 to 4,895.

• During the open portions of the general duck season, the bag limit for scaup will be one scaup daily from Oct 7-Jan. 7, and two scaup daily from Jan. 8-30.

• Brant hunting will run concurrently with the last segment of the general duck hunting season (Dec. 19-Jan. 30) with a one-brant daily bag limit.

• Beginning in the 2020-21 hunting season, the federal framework season ending date for rails, gallinules and moorhens was changed from the last Sunday in January to Jan. 31.