“Wear It” Campaign For Boating Safety

It’s tempting not to wear a life jacket while fishing or boating, especially on nice days. You want to get some sun, or you think you’ll get too hot. But whether you’re going fishing or just enjoying a ride on the boat, there’s never an excuse not to wear a life jacket. You can have a great time, even when wearing a life jacket.

Life jacket wear is an easy strategy to stay safe while boating or fishing. Sadly, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, more than 85 percent of those who drown while boating were not wearing a life jacket. Even though boat owners are required to have a life jacket on board the vessel for each person, accidents happen too fast on the water to reach for stowed life jackets. For instance, I often hear about people who lost their balance while fishing and fell into the water. And, as the temperature starts to cool down, chances of survival in the water drastically go down with decreasing water temperatures, especially if you aren’t wearing a life jacket.

Stephanie Vatalaro